Ada founded in 2002, Jesus Ministries International, Headquarters in Saint Augustine, Florida. Born and raised in (Spanish Harlem) El Barrio, New York City, she joined the United States Army at the age of 17. She is a highly decorated retired veteran, and held the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Three, after serving 23 years in both the Army and Air Force. Called to the nations by God, she is now a full-time “Warrior; Soldier” for the Lord, manifesting the “KINGDOM of GOD, here on earth everywhere she goes and equipping Gods people for battle, in every area of their life.

Ada’s life is an EPISTLE. She addresses God as “Daddy” because of her intimate relationship with Him. He continues to have his hand upon her life as she allows Jesus to manifests Himself, in through and around her. She has been on national television several times and was interviewed on TBN, featuring topic “WHY THE DEVIL HATES WOMEN. She has traveled around the world demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom, through God’s unconditional LOVE. Miracles, signs and wonders and meeting the needs of Gods people are normal day to day activities, in her life. Christ in her the hope of glory! Globally Jerusalem, Guatemala, Peru, Canada, Germany, India, Nigeria and South Africa, just to name a few, have witnessed the supernatural presence and power of Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Whatever the need is, God has given her the “ Keys” to release it to you. Being about her Father’s Business is her priority and she lives to please Him. Her favorite words as she opens her mouth and God fills it is (IT’S DONE). So, just have Faith, trust God and only Believe, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD! (John 14:21-23) Amen.

Look for her book on the New York Times Bestseller list, IT WILL BE THERE! She is an Actress and had her first Featured Film in the Tyler Perry Productions’ (THE FAMILY THAT PREYS) as Agnes; Kathy Bates’ Maid.

There is So much to share about Apostle Ada, yet, most importantly the Lord is her Confidence. She is a Global Strategist in many fields of operation in relationship to the Kingdom of God. She consistently honors her (Daddy) God as she gives Him the glory in everything she does and is today. Know this: God trusts her, JESUS rules and reigns supreme in her heart, mind, body and soul. Holy Spirit continue to have your way!