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Who is Action Compassion in the province of Quebec in Canada?

Founded on January 9, 2024, JMI Action Compassion is a non-profit organization with a team dedicated to taking action to improve people’s health at all levels. Why? “Love of people” Our mission is to offer quality services and products in order to improve the individual and collective atmosphere in our country. We operate in a limitless freedom of creativity in the field of eating well physically, emotionally and mentally. We have an incomparable compassion for the youngest, to the elderly, that everyone lives in a healthy environment.

Action Healthy Cleaning


  • * Cleaning up your space
  • * Aroma of your choice of essential oils peaceful upon arrival
  • * ‘Optional choice ‘ Free 1 hour bonus for your inner being (become free)

Contact us for a free estimate. This will be a pleasure to meet you.
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The atmosphere of cleanliness has a huge importance in the daily action of our organism.  This starts by cleaning the house thoroughly with the healthiest products possible. Upon arrival, we offer free essential oil diffusion of your choice.

In addition, if necessary, we have the eye to organize the physical space well and offer the opportunity to free you from any clutter.  (objects only) 

To make it better, having a background in helping relationships, for those who want an interior cleaning we offer 1 hour free for the first service.  Being clear-headed helps us maintain a holy environment.

Action Discipline

Services : (in person or via zoom)

– Group conference

– Personnel consultation

– Training/Intervention Program 

Compassion in action at work for all who seek the knowledge of being well.

1. Mentally
Mr. Pierre Williston

Please call us

(514) 777-3980

We are a compassionate team ready to take action to bring peace of mind and relief to those who are suffering. Our human, simple and innovative approach is undeniably imbued with compassion. Our main expertise mentally is to create new intervention plans unique to each individual or group (helping them discover and develop their own evaluation tools). We also have the ability to help social workers already in place to cooperate as a team to personalize support for the person or group concerned.

Pierre Williston is our main person responsible for training all future teammates in this area of ​​our organization. He has been a speaker and makes intervention plans for over 25 years. He worked mainly in the community sector. He has also worked in addiction, mental health and crisis centers. He even had his own mental health rehabilitation center. His human, compassionate and spiritual approach is what characterizes him best. He obtained the university addictions certificate at the University of Montreal in addiction, but language is simple because his aim is often to remind people of their human right and that their feeling of helplessness will become their greatest strength. His particular humor makes him a speaker who inspires and reminds people that deep within themselves he has a force called the power of love in all its simplicity.

2. Émotionnellement (Available)

The Art of being emotionally healthy requires action and guidance. Our adventure on this path called “Life” is much simpler than we think. (Price according to your budget)

3. Spiritually (Available for FREE)

Our main method, which is our most powerful weapon, is “listening”. By taking the time to hear the words that the person needs to verbalize, it is automatically easy to guide them on the path to truth.

4. Physically (coming soon)

5. Financially (coming soon)

Action Eat Drink Exercise

(Eating fresh, drinking water, exercising and fasting)
“Coming soon”

Action Global Generation

(For our children and our elders)
“Coming soon”

Action Art, Beauty et Creativity

(Dancing, cinema, painting and more)
“Coming soon”