Praise God, had a dream with Jennifer Lopez, we were sitting in a home which appeared to be my home in Florida and we were at the Kitchen table (I recognized the kitchen) and we both had our Bibles out and opened and in all sincerity she had questions, lots of them and Daddy God, through His Holy Spirit answered them, Jesus working with me. She was truly intrigued of the truth and revelation she was receiving and was understanding the Word of God like never before. In my dream she knew of God and she had her faith but she just felt the need to know more and the mysteries of who Daddy God really is. She was very serious about learning and we enjoyed each others presence in the Lord. I was very surprised of her wisdom in regards to Biblical truths and understood where her confidence came from. We laughed. We learned and most importantly glorified “Our Father” Thank you Jesus! I woke up and Daddy God told me to get ready for this day will come. I AM HERE JEN, AT HIS SERVICE FOR YOU! YOU ARE IN MY PRAYER BOOK! GOD SPEED AND ALWAYS BELIEVE AND REMEMBER (PAPA DIOS) LOVES YOU UNCONDITONALLY…LOVE YOU MORE.


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    Santa Katarina says

    Thank you Dady ???????????????????????

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    Elechi ikechukwu says

    Thank you Jesus Christ for making it possible

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    Makoba Bernard Emmanuel says

    Praise He the Lord God.

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