Go and Steal No More

The Beat Up

Don’t Choose Money Over God

Going to Church!

John 3:16

He was led by the Spirit. He went to cities and villages. He fulfilled all righteousness. He thanked God. He resisted the devil. He perceived. He overcame temptation. He rebuked the devil. He taught. He stood still. He preached. He wept. He evangelized. He served. He pastured. He broke bread. He healed all. He carried the cross. He sent the Word. He fasted. He knew others thoughts. He bled. He prophesied. He prayed. He cast out demons. He gave. He saved. He called on (Our Father) Daddy! He was moved with compassion. He questioned. He commanded. He answered. He provided. He obeyed. He traveled. He ministered. He went to synagogues. He showed mercy. He fulfilled prophecy. He performed miracles. He led. He got baptized. He gave sight. He healed the leper. He forgave. He washed the disciple’s feet. He ascended. He spoke another language. He died. He rose. He raised the dead. He conquered the grave. He defeated satan. He restored. He turned water into wine. He attended a wedding. He told stories. He knew who He was. He walked in humility. He walked in confidence. He walked with authority. He did good everywhere He went. He goes to Our Father (Daddy). He interceded. He intercedes! He fed the multitude. He bridged the gap. He interrupted a stoning. He hated religion. He chose 12. He pleased God (Daddy). He wrote the law. He walked. He rode a donkey. He left a legacy. He paid our debts. He ate with sinners. He inspired. He encouraged. He condemned not. He judged not. He redeemed us all. MOST IMPORTANTLY – HE LOVED!